Comic Con 2012: Pros do it on a Thursday

Ok, that title sounds bad now that I read it, but, as an educator, I was offered a free, "Professional" pass for the Thursday opening of NYC's 2012 Comic Con. The opening day is not ideal; things haven't really gotten started, but it is far less crowed (don't read as not crowded) and gives a nice feel to the overall event. I was going to take pictures of the various people in costume, and the giant legos, etc. but I'm sure you can find those on any site. Some were rather impressive and I'm far too shocked when I see a gorgeous woman dressed in costume (someone not hired to stand in a display to attract customers, that it). I guess that shows my own bias that freaks and geeks--like myself--can actually be hot--like myself--, or maybe I'm just in denial as I don't know any of those women.  I was surprised how many people I ran into that I knew and haven't seen in years, and I'm sure I'd have run into more if I actually paid attention. I didn't stay very long (I got stuff to do!) so it might not be fair to claim that I didn't see many (worth while) giveaways, saw too many D- list actors selling autographs, and feel that there was more--or at least more impressive--of a video game presence than a comic one. Still, if you can get a small group of people and a large amount of spending cash and time, it definitely is worth going to.