What can I saw about this excellently draw and often clever web comic (other than what I just did)? I'm not even sure if the comic is called Oglaf, only that it can be found there if you stick a .com at the end. It is not a consistent story or cast of characters although there are recurrences and it does often build on itself, but I can't really say it is about X and staring Y. Not that I don't like it or it isn't good. The problem is the same I'm having in writing about it: what is this comic? It doesn't have enough sex and nudity (but what does, am I right or am I right? ...er, hello?) to be porn or erotica--the latter being something the site itself simply describes as porn that works for you. There isn't really enough story to give it a plot--the original characters and concept of a mage's apprentice was given up long ago. But it is a humorous group of gags and mini adventures set in a fantasy world and it is fun to read (just don't do it at work or around kids! (or conservatives)). I think the best one to date is here, so it you don't get a kick out of this one you know not to bother. There is a archive you can look at that informs you of the "safety" of the contents, which is very useful.