Sweet Tooth - Jeff Lemire

The apocalypse is ongoing, and the only ones with immunity to the killer plague are hybrid animal people. Gus is part deer-part boy and suddenly finds his sheltered life turned to hell. With the “help” of survivors of various levels of trustworthiness, Gus attempts to find out the truth about his past and, perhaps, save the world, if he can stay alive. I like this comic that dwells on quiet images and spends pages on silent dreams, but at the same time feel a little slighted that I can read an issue in under ten minutes. UPDATE 2014: I finished the series and for books that could often be read in under 5 minutes it rushed through its ending even while having scenes that were drawn out. The lack of consistent art (which on at least two occasions didn't quite match the captions) was a problem and I hated when Lemire tried telling the story in Gus' voice. I found this comic, as I far too often do with comics, in that it seems like a first draft and if more time and care was spent making such interesting ideas come alive this would really be a great piece of art.