Columbo 25 and 27 Mockup

Created a couple of new mockup pages (25 and 27). Here they are along with my notes. Page 25 (for now)

p1: smoke curls around columbo (eerily, as recommended by Mark!); M annoyed/worried and reflected in his wine glass || fix text: "..but I just had to come by.." "you know, I just get so wrapped up in a case sometimes that I don't even realize I'm being rude."

p2: I'm thinking that M's smoke will be black, less elegant, not break pane, and appear trapped at times

p3: C and M in far background; foreground has waiter's hand carrying food (steaming?)

p4: flip panel

p5: still life of (obscured) Montillado bottle; holder looks a bit like a trap/cage


Page 26 (done earlier, but placed here for clarity)

p1: fix text: "you always see people order it in the classy movies"

p2: fix text: "...have you made any progress..."


Page 27 (for now)

p1: smoke will curl around C; fix text: "well, let me tell you: this one's a real..." "...don't want to bother you with my problems."

p2: trying to decide what goes here. Thinking maybe a far away shot or a still life of food / table.

p3: M trying to appear interested, but still a bit worried / trying to figure out what C knows