Brief Reviews: Godzilla Legends 3 If you're a fan of Godzilla, Godzilla Legends (2011) 3 is probably pretty damn cool. Writer Raicht makes the protagonist a likable kid, even if there isn't too much time to develop him as a character, who I imagine appears in some ongoing series from publisher IDW. The art time provides some attractive art, especially when the reader is taken off-world to some alien world I may vaguely remember from one of the movies.

I haven't much followed the movie franchise since I was a kid and think I may have read a single issue published by Marvel from the late '70s. I got this as part of a reward for contributing to the Kickstarter for Mike Raicht's Wild Blue Yonder series. I'm not even sure how that works given the comic will be published by IDW, which I guess they want some of the costs paid up front, which I hope means the series is creator-owned by Raicht and his two co-creators.

I'd met Mike at the Philadelphia Comic Con in 2011, shortly after reading his Marvel MAX Zombie series, which provided an interesting angle on what could otherwise have been a typically overdone zombie genre story. Mike's a likable guy and a fellow adjunct instructor of English, so how could I not support his work when finances allow, on our meager adjunct pay rates? His originality makes his writing work.