An Evening with Dean Haspiel

Dean Haspiel 2 On Thursday 4 October 2012, the Cinema Arts Centre of Huntington, New York will host An Evening with Dean Haspiel.

I've only read two works to which "Dino" has contributed artwork to and have enjoyed them both, The Alcoholic with author Jonathan Ames, and some American Splendor stories with the late infamous curmudgeon Harvey Pekar.

Wikipedia's Dean Haspiel entry is chock full of information.

More can be learned about his body of work via the creator page for Dino on Comic Book Database.

While I highly recommend your local comic book retailer as a place to purchase some of Mr. Haspiel's work, especially for out-of-print items, Amazon's Dean Haspiel author page has a listing of some of his available books for purchase. Your local comics shop may even be able to offer better discounts than Amazon, especially on pre-orders--just ask kindly!

If you're a Long Island local and enjoy independent cinema, a membership at the Cinema Arts Centre is highly recommended, with benefits such as discounted tickets and discounts at the shops and eateries of local merchants.