Secret Avengers: Mission to Mars & Eyes of the Dragon - Ed Brubaker

Note: updated with Mission to Mars on 6/29/13. Former Captain America Steve Rogers has assembled some secret Avengers to do some secret work against even more secret evil forces, taking them all the way to mars in an investigation of some ancient/alien snake crown that can usher in the end times via some dark god.

Like the first trade, the second collection of this title is enjoyable. An evil, seemingly Cthulhu worshiping, organization is fought by former Captain America and he brings in a cast of second and third string super-heroes (when was the last time you heard about Shang-Chi?!) to help.

These are good spy story even if not Brubaker's best, and the reason behind that is due to the massive cast of characters. We have a new secret cabal of world conquerors with a new group of conspirators and on top of that you have about a dozen good guys all contending for personality and face time. Step it back and focus and this would be great.