Gunnerkrigg Court vol 1-3: Orientation, Research, & Reason – Thomas Siddell

This web comic in print form follows Antimony Carver, a young girl who, after her mother dies and father disappears, is sent to the mysterious boarding school that names the series. Delightfully illustrated with a manga flare, brightly colored, and filled with wonderful characters, the story is a mix of Harry Potter and Lost, but the difference is this world is strictly divided into technology and magic with a shaky détente with only Carver seemingly able to traverse the two. The Lost aspect is that we are constantly learning new things about the characters and connections they have to one another leading to more rather than less mysteries (although I seriously hope it is not like that show in that it actually has an end point in mind and doesn't turn out sucking). I really love this comic, but I have to admit that I've had to reread the older volumes every time I read a new one since I can't keep track of all the details. Not complaining though as it's totally worth it. Here is the website if you want to take a look. Be warned, the site is as poorly designed as the comic is great.