Spider-Man--Menace! or Reading Jackpot (2010) Issue 2

http://comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/380/191599_20100210094625_large.jpg While I've probably enjoyed some of Guggenheim's writing on Amazing Spider-Man, and I cannot say for sure due to the rotating team of writers on the title and me being two years behind in my reading, I would not have sought out Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Jackpot. Issues 2 and 3 were a part of a flea market collection of many Marvel comics from 2010. I read issue 2 yesterday and I was like, Wow, Spider-Man is such a dick!

Why is Spider-Man a dick? Apparently he encouraged Jackpot to put the costume back on after she retired from superheroing. The result: A now deadly Boomerang figures out who she is, comes to her Brooklyn home and eviscerates her husband and the issue concludes with a deadly metal boomerang flying at her young daughter. While I doubt daughter of Jackpot will be killed, all of this tragedy could have been avoided had Spider-Man left Jackpot alone. It's not like her powers are even that great that she could do so much good on the streets.

Good job, Spidey! Uncle Ben was right, but did he forget to mention that with great credibility there must also come great responsibility? Spider-Man--menace!

This image was borrowed from the Comic Book Database for review purposes.