Buy This Comic Now: Debris #1 I won't try to sell you on how some #1 Image Comics have become hot, high $$$ potatoes these past few years, oh no, though I'd like to believe this may become one of them because I enjoyed it so damn much. Welcome to Debris, a sweet sci-fi action comic.

Why this comic book rocks!: It's a wonderful synergy of the writing and the art. Like any well-done sci-fi, this book takes the audience into a new and believable world. It has a feel to it like Dune and Vampire Hunter D, but is deliciously its own world filled with bio-mechanoid giant roadrunners and a cybernetic worm creature that has never been defeated by this last community of humans just trying to survive in a mean, ugly world lacking in resources.

The Artwork: I don't know how closely writer Kurtis J Wiebe worked with artist/inker/cover artist Riley Rossomo and colorist Owen Gieni, but the mood and action flow wonderfully off the page, as if they were all one artist of a singular vision, creating epic battles and doomed futures in my imagination. I've been brought to humanity's brink--will you join me?

You all know I've bitched and moaned about many comics costing more than $2.99, but this is $3.50 that was worth spending. I've already told my local comics retailer, Collectors Kingdom (yes, I used to work there, so I'm gonna promote them), to hold the remaining 3 issues in this 4-issue miniseries when they are published. If you're not yet sold, check out the Image Comics Debris web page featuring the covers of the upcoming issues. I plan to pick up more work from these creators! Check out a list of their works on the ComicBook Database!

Thanks again to the ComicBook Database for use of their cover image, whether they know it or not. Hey, it's free advertising for them!