Calumbo Roughs p 19, 20, 22

Roughs for pages 19, 20, 22: p1: smoke breaks pane and leads to p2

p2: M in front of fireplace; items on mantle will point toward M

p3: not sure about this panel; thinking C's hands, but something that indicates his meandering style

p2-->4--> 5 close in on M

p4: items on mantle point toward M

p5 : considering making panel more narrow; maybe even break it into 2 panels with the leftmost pane be another C panel such that C appears to be getting closer to M while M is getting more and more trapped


this one opens it back up

p2: images of "floating" tie, bottle, belt as C says them

p3: M's back to us/C, he's trying to hide while trying to appear aloof/nonchalant


Captain's office: Captain moving around/behind static desk; wondering if this should be 5 panels.