Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

It's been eight years since the vigilante had been accused of murdering DA Harvey Dent and he seems to have disappeared, but that's fine since Gotham is one of the safest cities around, that is until a mysterious demagogue plans to change all that in a violent communist/reign of terror revolution. To all the crying conservatives who wanted to gain a little press by claiming the villain, Bane, is an attack on Romney, you need to realize that the character is about twenty years old, so get a grip on reality. However, there are strong, blatant implications of class warfare caused by those manipulating others who feel they lack access to the American Dream. If anything, perhaps there is a lesson that ensuring people's opportunities is the best ways to ensure a stable society.

I saw the movie opening weekend--something I rarely do--with Cej--another rarity--with a police presence outside--due to a madman who was able to end the hopes and lives of dozens of innocents with entirely legally obtained tools. This incredibly sad event that took place in Colorado is sadly ironic as the movie plays with the theme of how tools, in the wrong hands, can become weapons of great destruction.

The movie itself, naturally, has a few flaws, as all movies do. The positives outweighs them since there is enough actions and levels of sophistication to keep you engaged and thinking. There are issues of pacing and sometimes I had difficulties hearing exactly what the characters said, which may have been a product of the theater if anything, just like the annoyance of the three people near me who felt the constant need to check their smartphones with their very bright display screens. I am a ridiculous sucker for Anne Hathaway, so that is just another reason for me to recommend it.