Drawing Board: Inventor p. 2

Here's some background on page 1 (part 1, part 2). Page 2 took me about a month to color and letter. Actually, it was more like 8 hours total; but there was about a month between finalizing the line art and actually getting it all finished on the computer. I let so much time go between doing these thingsĀ  that I forget all the little tricks that I "learned" to help speed things up.

But a month is nothing, given that the original idea for this comic was roughly 20 years ago. (And I'm not sure that I don't still like the original drawing better.)

I'm not especially happy with the coloring, but I think it's not all that different from many of the 1970s FF comics that I looked at.


Original idea/drawing (from the early 1990s!):

The layout for page 2 was challenging; and I'm not sure that it really works. But I wanted to be true to the original idea, and I wanted a layout that had an interesting set of perspectives.

Here's some "thinking it out" on tracing paper. You can see that I originally intended there to be a panel in the upper right corner. And I had other ideas about how to position characters within the panels.

Once I decided on where everyone would be, I started sketching it out on the bristol board. Here are a couple of moments along the way. You can see I started inking before I had finalized everything. Sometimes it's necessary to just commit to (a small) something. Otherwise, I'll think it to death.