Unknown Soldier: Haunted House, Easy Kill, Dry Season, & Beautiful World – Joshua Dysart

These volumes of the latest take on the Unknown Soldier impressed me. The story follows Dr. Lwanga Moses, a Ugandan raised in America who returns to his homeland in order to help the stricken denizens. Pushed too far by some ruthless criminals he snaps and triggers a murderous aspect of himself that may (or may not) have been installed by the CIA. Confused and ashamed, he begins a one man war again rebels who have turned his country into a nightmare. With the exception of "The Way Home", the second tale in these collections and a weak link that does deserve credit for being different from the typical, the stories are powerful, well-research dramas about a terrible civil war (one of many) that plague Africa. It does go over the top at times with bloody depictions (as if the horror wasn't plan enough) and I would disagree with Kym (who lent me the first two) by saying the first volume was the better one. Either way, it is an important read and I recommend it. Above was my earlier review (now edited, two years later) of the first two collections of this now ended series. Cej lent me the remainder and I must say that the stories are very impressive. They are well researched, written, poignant, and brutal. No wonder it got canceled. I think too many comic fans are turned off by acronyms that aren't explained, a lack of superheroes, and--well--brown people, or maybe I shouldn't limit this assessment to comic readers. If you can only read one segment make it the story/history of the Kalashnikov that starts the final volume. I would love to see what Dysant could have done if the series continued. After reading his work you are sure to agree.