Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You: To Rome with Love

To Rome with Love is Woody Allen's latest creation depicting relationships through what looks like his typical neurotic, nuanced vision. It's got a great cast with lots of beautiful women and if you're Greta Gerwig, Ellen Page (It's definitely the sexual vibe she gives off.), or Penelope Cruz, please leave a comment below. Allen, as well as Jesse Eisenberg and the inimitable Alec Baldwin also star. I found the trailer to be amusing and maybe this film will actually appear before the general public in the US. Then again maybe not because most movie theatre chains are shit, but maybe that's because most people have shitty taste and theatres only give them what they want because that's the bottom line of capitalism: more of the same or whatever's hot at the moment and that will net the biggest profits. Variety and art, those things are for losers. Yep, I'm making some ranting general statements here.

Allen's film was released in Italy, but I don't believe it's yet arrived on our American shores, according to IMDB.

Visit the official movie site for more information.

To Rome with Love from David Nichols on Vimeo.