I want to know if his first name is Herman: A Mermin #4 Review

I dig this cover. What I dig is the whale. The sperm whale. I think it's a sperm whale and no, it's not just because it has the word "sperm" in it. There's something about the shape of it's big round head (I'm seriously not trying to be perverted here) and it's baleen-filled mouth (see, that's not dirty--right?). It just looks cool and sort of fierce and cute all at once, with its angry eyes looking up at the little marine iguana-looking green humanoid from the deep. It may be hard to tell, but the cover is a sort of silver glittery paper, with Mermin, the green fishboy, a sticker. Rad idea. Excellent presentation and I dunno if this is a signed edition, but the author's first name and a little headshot of Memin appear on the inside back cover, in gold ink, which looks fantastic on the silver paper.

The series seems to be about a fishboy, Mermin, who has fled his father and the life aquatic and is pursued by his father's mercenary minions. In this issue, Mermin must face his fears and confront said minions, ending with a cliffhanger as it's revealed that Mermin may have some crazy-insane powers. Or it's a cheap trick from the creator to get us to buy the next issue, but cool nonetheless.

The interior art is simple and cartoony, like the cover, and Weiser tells the story clearly and effectively, though for me, this sort of story is overdone and this aquatic twist doesn't grab me, despite my liking the whale guy's appearance.

Cost: This one's got a $2.00 price on it for 20 pages, plus cover. Mermin 4 was a part of my huge bargain buy from Adhouse, that I keep referring to in my 2011 Richmond Zine Fest After Action Report, the endless box of goodies and just OKs, so far.

Publication: 2010

Contact: Joey Weiser can be reached via the Tragic-Planet website where you can see and buy a plethora of work from this creator.

Recommendation: While this comic is cute, it's not for me, like most all-ages, kid-friendly books.

While I'm adding it to my virtual lending library (you know, send postage and return when done or pass on to someone who will enjoy it), I have a feeling I'm going to be putting this one aside for Mark! as he expressed interested in Weiser's other comic, Monster Isle, I reviewed recently, and he creates his own aquatic-theme comics, like this here stingray episode.