Through the Eyes of Grizelda & The Great Vermin - Jason Lenox and David Paul

Lenox was kind enough to share a pdf of his and Paul's UGLI STUDIOS' double feature. Through the Eyes of Grizelda introduces us to the world of Xendria (amazing map by Freistuhler BTW), a land ruled by a mad necromancer, as told from the POV of the wizard's familiar: a cat.  The Great Vermin presents a tale of soldiers attempting to eliminate an interplanetary threat by destroying the offending species. In both of these very different stories, the art is fun and the coloring vivid. I enjoyed the writing in Grizelda more for several reasons, not the least being that it plays exactly to my tastes, but because of the potential for a long term series. I really want to learn more about the world and how the situation took shape, as well as what might come. Moreover, I like the idea of a cats' uncaring perspective to the madness that surrounds her being that she is, well, a cat and has a very specific agenda. I think a lot can be done here and envision epic tales made trivial by Grizelda's blase nature.

The Great Vermin, while fine on its own, strikes me as a one shot. In the tradition of EC comics and The Twilight Zone, it has its place and a good one; however, I fail to see it as a  continuing series. Maybe it was never meant to be, but somehow I go that into my head and tainted the enjoyment of it just for what it is.

I'm not sure if Lenox wants me to post the pdf so I'll simply include his webpage. I would love it if he and Paul would join the Armzrace. You can buy the comic for a couple of bucks and see what else he has to offer HERE.

Here's the press info (which I guess makes us the press):


By Jason Lenox, David Paul Art by Jason Lenox, Dani Kaulakis, Damon Haigh, Joseph Freistuhler SC, 28pgs, full color Front cover: Jason Lenox, Dani Kaulakis Back cover: Joseph Freistuhler, Jason Lenox

In the clutches of an army of would-be assassins the tyrant lord necromancer Amon Kadesh must survive the terrors of an assault on his fortress, while his cat familiar Grizelda seeks only the solitude of peace and comfort. At any cost.

Elsewhere, and in the far reaches of space, Commander Veer leads an Exterminus unit to locate and exterminate Scourge Species X2987, AKA The Great Vermin!

This epic premier volume includes the dark fantasy “Through the Eyes of Grizelda” and the sci-fi thriller “The Great Vermin” from Jason Lenox (Grey Haven, Viper) and David Paul (Heavy Metal, InvestComics, Heske Horror, JOSEPH!) It features highly detailed coloring and pin-up art by Dani Kaulakis, additional pin-ups by Damon Haigh and Jason Lenox, and an incredibly realistic map by cartographer Joseph Freistuhler.