Monster Mash on the Monster Isle: A Minicomic Review

If you like Godzilla, Power Rangers (whichever version), Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad, or Gammorah, this comic might be one you'll enjoy. Monster Isle: Big Monster Stuff is an all-ages comic for fans of the "human in costume" playing giant-monster or monster fighter movies and TV shows. It's not terribly profound or deep, but does cutely poke fun at the genre, with allusions to Godzilla and Star Trek for the geeks.

Strip-style comics rarely appeal strongly to me and this one fares no better. This is one of my biases, other than losing interest in the "giant monster" genre in my early teens. On the other hand, maybe you're the core audience for this book?

Cost: As you can see below, $4.00 for this 24-page (including covers) minicomic, though I got it as part of my Adhouse Books box buy at the 2011 Richmond Zine Fest.

Contact: Joey Weiser can be reached via his Tragic-Planet website.

Recommendation: I realize printing in color is costly and that this comic wouldn't be nearly as appealing in black and white, but it's a quick read and it seems many or all of the comics are archived on the Monster Isle page of Wieser's website, where you can read them for free and subscribe using an RSS reader.

I could imagine the printing costs might make it more worthwhile if he were to print larger collection of his work, similar to some of the collections I've seen from Microcosm and other small press publishers and distros, and then it might be worth shelling out for, not that this costs more than most comics from Marvel or DC.

Send me money for postage and it's yours, otherwise it'll sit in my unofficial minicomics and zine lending library.

The rear cover.