Dino Docs: ER and Jurassic Park: A Crichton Marriage

Michael Crichton has some awesome ideas when he came up with both the groundbreaking CGI extravaganza that made us believe dinosaurs could walk the earth, Jurassic Park, and the long-running hospital drama that introduced us to the swoon-worthy George Clooney (for those who missed him as Booker on Roseanne), ER.

Creator Rusty (Rowley) marries the two concepts in this high-comedy, high-drama 8-page minicomic. This seems like a marriage for the ages and I hope to see more Dino Docs comics in the future, especially since this issue ends with a cliffhanger and hints at the catastrophe to come in the next issue.

Cost: uncertain, though I somehow obtained a second copy for one of my dinosaur-loving friends.

Publication: date unknown

Contact: Rusty Rowley is one of the people behind Full Sanction, which I will review a few issues of later. Read his bio here. Just because you weren't at the awesome 2011 Richmond Zine Fest (click the link for my review of the event) doesn't mean you can't write the auteur and buy a copy online! -- Update! It's come back to me that Rusty and his friend and co-creator Joe were hilariously entertaining when I visited their table. This is the sort of detail that gets forgotten after seven months. Oy!

Recommendation: While short, I don't think this comic costs more than a dollar or two, therefore I suggestively suggest you buy a copy for each person you know who likes dinos, drama, and comedy. This is a dino-dramedy and worth every penny.

And what does this mystery phrase in this nearly dead language mean?