Almost Silent - Jason

If nothing else, Jason's work always interests me. His adult oriented works of anthropomorphic characters, simply drawn, in nearly wordless stories that range from hilarious to depressing, keeps his readers wanting more. There are problems. Occasionally, the magical simplicity of his works backfire, making his stories difficult to follow: OK,  is the crow headed character the one in love with the cat headed person and was that in the past or is it happening now and why does the dog headed guy hate him again or was that the other dog headed one? Maybe if there was more text, increased artistic details, and deeper character backgrounds one could focus more and it wouldn't happen, but then it also wouldn't be Jason anymore. These tales are mainly monster stories in that they feature mummies, Dracula, zombies and Frankenstein's monster, and are largely funny and clever except for when I look at them too quickly and have the above mentioned problems.