Skyline (2010) Meet Up

File:Skyline Poster.jpg (Ooooh, look at the pretty blue lights...)

While the visuals are great and the blue lights are like glowing fishing lures made to attract humans, the dialogue and plot were kind of terrible. Even the guy who plays Batista on Dexter was disappointing, but I think that's more the writing than his acting, because Batista is like a lovable teddy bear.

The movie was like War of the Worlds meets Independence Day, & The Matrix & sort of meets Avatar, Tron, Alien Resurrection & a turd with braingina (brain + vagina) imagery. It seemed like they left some room for a sequel, but I doubt it's going to happen, though this is Hollywood, so it actually wouldn't be a surprise.

I originally wrote this post ages ago after a event in Harrisburg, PA. I would have loved some discussion after the film, since that's part of the whole ethos, right, making friends through common interests. Then again, this particular group is now defunct. Harrisburg is definitely not a great place to meet people, I've found. I dunno what it is.

Image borrowed from Wikipedia's entry about this movie.