Dan Vs.

I can't believe that this insane cartoon is on the same channel that shows My Little Pony. Dan is a jerk (seriously, that's what his shirt says), and every episode starts the same in that something largely routine but unfortunate occurs to him--or more likely his car--and Dan swears vengeance against the often abstract perpetrator (e.g. traffic). Dan also always forcibly recruits his best/only friend Chris and sometimes Chris' wife Elise who is secretly some kind of super spy. (BTW can Elise be any cooler or hotter?! Why must I fall in love with cartoons?!?! WHY!? And married ones at that.) Anyway, the show is totally hilarious and not sure why it isn't on Comedy Central or the Cartoon network where it would probably get a larger audience and Dan's twisted, paranoid, misanthropic personality would be better appreciated. See some clips and episodes here.