Drawing Board: Burning Question

Burning Question started as part of a discussion. I say it was a discussion; in reality, it was one more instance of someone "proving" to me that global warming is a myth because it wasn't 100% understood, there was still debate, and some scientists had lied about it anyway. Although I think that these "points" are wrong, they do represent genuine doubt by some people. I started thinking that there must be a way to address these concerns without just shouting louder. An analogy seemed to be a good approach.

So this comic actually started as a verbal response, but I decided it might work visually as well.

(Click any image to enlarge.)

I lined out the page in blue line. Blue line won't be picked up by scanners or xerox, which makes for less erasing. I'd use it for drawing too if I could find one that had a hard, sharp point. Usually, it's kind of soft and crumbly. You can see that I left room for a title which I was still planning on drawing at this point.

Initial page with blue line

The hard part was trying to determine what to use as images, since I hadn't originally conceived of this as visual. I'm mostly happy with what I came up with, although panels 2 and 8 seem pretty weak to me.

I was pretty concerned about the best way to present this analogy. I think it's a bit choppy because it jumps back and forth (climate change, health, climate change) rather than being strictly linear. I think it might work better if it were ordered as panels 3, 4, 5, 6, 1, 7, 8, 9. But I kept it as is because I wanted to be clear that climate change was the main idea.

I inked most of the comic with a pen, but I went back and filled in the larger areas with brush and added a few touches here and there in order to vary the line width and add some character.

For the title, I decided that I was finally going to go ahead and create digital letters that I could reuse.

I created these in Adobe Illustrator to look like my hand drawn letters. They came out pretty close to the real thing. Now I can easily reuse them. Plus they are easy to re-size and re-color to whatever is needed.