The Helm - Jim Harrdison

After being dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his job, Matt comes across a magical helmet that tells him that he is the chosen warrior for the forces of good, that is until the helm gets a better look at Matt and wants nothing to do with him. Too late. Now Matt has to live up to the role he is destined for (and hopefully move out of his mom's basement). For the most part this is a typical nerd fantasy, except one has to wonder how Matt got such a hot girlfriend to begin with or why he would want to take back someone who treated him with such disdain, and part of the reading enjoyment was lost due to the copy I read having curcial missing pages, but I will give it credit for raising the psychological issue of whether or not Matt is truly a chosen hero or simply a deranged lunatic. I actually thought it could have been fleshed out to make for a very good story.