A Fishy Gift

You may recall that I created a little comic about fish a few weeks back.

As it turns out, I had a plethora of punchlines for this one little comic, and I decided that it would really be a shame to waste any of them. So I also made this comic into a little piece of interactive artwork.

The comic, which is 9" x 12", floats in a 12" x 16" frame. It comes with an attachable holder that houses about 30 laminated cards with punchlines on them. These have velcro on the back, and they can be traded out, depending on the viewer's mood.

And in case the concept is too complex for the user, it also comes with instructions.

"Why," you may ask, "are the instructions written in Spanish?" Because it's funnier, of course. If you've ever had to assemble a piece of furniture or an appliance, you know that it came with a set of impenetrable instructions. Why should Fishy be any different?