Secret Warriors vol. 3-4 Wake the Beast & Last Ride of the Howling Commandos - Jonathan Hickman

First off, Cej, better get off his butt and get me the rest of the series. How inconsiderate! Anyway, maybe you've heard, the international terrorist organization, Hydra, secretly control, well, just about everything, and it's up to everyone's favorite, absolutely no super powers, one-eyed wonder, Nick Fury, army grunt turned super spy turned rogue, to stop them. It's strange, as I don't really like the idea of Fury going off to save the world by his lonesome (he's not really alone, but...) or all the things this series is doing (or really maybe I should say Brian Michael Bendis is doing, as he seems to have more influence in the Marvel universal these days than Hydra), yet I'm eating it up. Maybe it's the quite desperation of the lone warrior verse impossible odds that appeals to the desperado in me.