Scud The Disposable Assassin: The Whole Shebang! - Rob Schrab

I started reading this back when it first was coming out and gave up on it because I felt it was just too much quirky art and shooting. Not that that's a problem mind you, the art was rather fun, filled with sweeping black and white pictures of slick robots and strange aliens, it just was that I wanted more. Luckily for me I gave it another try when I got the complete collection (which isn't that long), as it turned out to be what I was looking for after all. Scud is a vending machine available robot designed to kill a target and then explode. He is sent to terminate a strange conglomerate creature that speaks in pop culture quotes only to discover what will happen upon completion of his task. Cleverly, he cripples the creature and gets her on life support, thus starting a chain of events where he must hire himself out in order to pay the upkeep. This is where I originally gave up, but with my second attempt learned that the plot also dealt with romance, family, friendship, and tricky evil machinations, and how can you not love such characters as Voo Doo Benjamin Franklin?! I'm certainly glad I read it and wonder why I haven't seen other works from this guy?