Waltz With Bashir: A Lebanon War Story – Ari Folman & David Polonsky

Folman discuss his quest to break through his amnesia and discover what role (if any) he had during a Lebanese Christian militia's massacre of hundreds of Palestinians during the time of the 1982 Lebanese-Israeli war. It is a no holds bared look at the events that is a refreshing change from most comics one-sided view (Jew=evil) of the region. It did seem to end about two pages too soon, which was truly disappointing as it would have made the difference between feeling the story fulfilled its role and me feeling See what I mean. I think I would be better off with the movie.

Update: Since originally writing this post I have seen the movie and it does help with the abruptness of the comic's ending. They are both powerful historical documents on the event without making excuses and worth seeing/reading. I can't really recommend one version over the other as the problem the movie solved was undermined by the awkwardness of the stylized animation that marred the powerful art and colorization of the film.