Mini-Comic / Flyer (Proof of Concept)

The ArmzRace needs a Flyer/Mini-Comic that we can hand out for free at shows and as an online gift. Linked below is one IDEA. This is just a Proof of Concept. This is very preliminary; it isn't the final product by a long shot. I'm looking for input (the more specific the better). General parameters:

  • 8 pages (4 double-sided 8.5 x 14" pages, stapled)
  • black and white (to keep cost down)
  • has information about ArmzRace: what we are, who we are, where to find us, how to join, contact info
  • has some actual comics, most likely 1-page material, but maybe longer-form stuff if we can figure out how to make it fit
  • interesting design / layout

We're still at the early discussion phase, so don't post this on Facebook (or elsewhere just yet).

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