Conversations with Mark! #2: Andi and Her Boobs--Now in StrohmengerScope!

[click on image to enlarge, as if they aren't doing fine on their own]

Conversations with Mark! #2 is now brought to you in vivid color with StrohmengerScope. Thanks to the talents of Stephen Strohmenger and his strong work ethic for this more visually attractive version of the original B&W comic from 2008. Shit, I'm lazy.

Visit Stephen's website, Chakramolds, for his art, music, and other creative endeavors and be sure to check out his comics at Lemonslugcomics, not to be confused with bananaslugcomics (no one likes those guys).

Of course, I have Stephen Hines (via Facebook) to thank for putting me in touch with Mr. Strohmenger, so check out Hines' comics and other creations now.