Kite Runner – Khaled Hosseini

Both the movie and the book are powerful looks at pre and post Soviet and of Taliban Afghanistan. The tale revolves around Amir, a Pashtun boy of privilege, and his strained relationship with his father, his best friend/servant, and the upheaval caused by the ceaseless turmoil in his homeland. My problem with the book is that it strains the suspension of disbelief. Without giving too much away, Amir is guilted into returning to Afghanistan on a mission of honor when it would have been better for all involved if only a professional smuggler was involved, and the situation is made worse when, after a lengthy explanation of how the Taliban are in control of everything, Amir absconds to Pakistan despite the Taliban being after him.  The movie also makes the wiser choice of ending soon after this part while the book, more realistically but to lesser affect, continues on.