Midnight Mover: It's Movin' Out...of My Collection

http://comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/252/125580_20080421122626_large.jpg One dollar isn't too much to spend on an $11.95 TPB is it? This is about the cheapest print entertainment one could find, no?

Oni Press brings us Danny Shaw,  a chaperon for call girls who gets caught up in a tale involving murder, porn, a bunch of sex (duh, I already mentioned porn), his court marshal, and his shitty ass luck. Unfortunately author Gary Phillips doesn't provide a protagonist readers can much care for. Shaw's not necessarily unlikeable, but we're not given anything to like. He's like Cool Hand Luke, only not terribly cool. The remaining cast of characters is mostly made up of random ex-porn stars-cum-prostitutes (zing!) or call girls, two cops (one holier than thou, the other very kinky), some vatos, and the military asshole who fucked up Shaw's life in the first place my framing him for profiteering during the Gulf War.

Art team Jeremy Love and Jeff Watson provide a cartoony style of art that manages to tell the story, but isn't terribly appropriate for something along these lines. This seems like something Maleev, Lark,  (Sean) Phillips, or Miller could've told better. The original covers of the four issues are probably the best part. I know I just read this book, but I can't remember already, but think there are places where visual transitions are needed as one scene becomes another. I almost didn't finish the book.

Book purchased from the bargain bin at the otherwise awesome Comix Connection, Mechanicsburg, PA. If you really want this book, it can be swapped from me, along with many other books of similar, worse, or hopefully better quality via SequentialSwap.

Image used without permission from the ever-awesome ComicBookDB.com. Thanks guys!