The Funniest Injury I've Ever Had: Buy This Comic or Regret It

Don't let people tell you someone's injuries are not something to laugh at. This comic is an awesome collection of great storytelling, personal and fictional, but all hilarious to the point of being laugh out loud funny. Definitely worth the $4.95 price tag. What with me being a cheap bastard, I'd say that's a compliment and a sign that you need to purchase these comics from the It Lives Comics site now.

"Panama Red" is Jeff Wilson's first-time experience with pot as he runs around his junior high school acting like a complete jackass and learns a true moral at the end of this two-fisted tale that leads him to the principal's office. Does he narc on his dealer? If so, what're dastardly death does he face at the hands of his dealer's boyfriend, Ray Jones? Art is by Ted May.

Jason Robards and May bring us "Your Bleeding Face", about an investigator with a cybernetic eye, ear, and arm who gets into a street brawl with The Cock and hilarity ensues as neighborhood kids say things such as, "Yay" and "Awesome" as our hero gets kicked hard in the nuts. I definitely laughed and thought of Queer as Folk when The Cock says to the kids of our protagonist, "He's got an MP3 player in his robot ear, and he's listening to 'Let's Hear it for the Boy'!" Seriously, the dialogue and action of the street fight is awesome and definitely holds up with the humor of the first tale of this comic.

While the book came out in 2007, I'm going to vote thumbs up on the "Heracles" humor strip, though it seems there hasn't been an issue of Injury since 2009. "Heracles" does evoke too much laughter, but there's some and I see potential and look forward to finding out if there are future strips in issues 2 and 3 and where the hell is #4?

I plan on sharing Injury with my fellow ArmzRace creators if I can't convince them they need to buy their own copies.

This comic was purchased from Richmond's Velocity Comics in June 2011 and I hope to get issues 2 and 3 when I have that green stuff again... Money! Yeah! Velocity Comics came recommended by critical blogger Johanna Draper Carlson at Comics Worth Reading for the shops selection if indie and self-published comics.

And while at May's site, I notice fellow creator Mardou, who I met at MoCCA Art Festival 2007 and drew Miss St. Louis in my sketchbook! I bought her now sold out Washing Machine, which I should totally review.