Captain America: No Escape

I've really enjoyed Brubaker's run on Captain America, but he's been treading water of late. No Escape features a distraught Captain (formerly Bucky) facing off against an out-for-revenge Baron Zemo (or more specifically, the son of Baron Zemo). It's a story straight out of the 70s/80s, and with Cosmo-cutout artwork by Jackson Guice, it even looks like it could have been published 25 years ago.

With unclear motivation and even more unclear resolution, it left me feeling a lot of huh? The story isn't terrible, and it does pick up somewhat towards the end, but I'm not clear why this story needed to be told. It wants to be a major psych out for Bucky, but instead it seems shoe-horned into happening.

I want to like the book's direction, but I'm beginning to feel that Bru needs to get out while he can still leave us longing for more.