Some Rough Work: Self-Portrait and 'junct Banner Idea

This self-portrait made from a picture I took needs to be inked and I've various ideas on how to play with it with different coloring and shading ideas. If it's not too late I might like to use it for my ArmzRace business card.

This tracing of the above self-portrait makes me out to be hairier than I may actually be.

Then the source material.

This second image got cut off and needs to be rescanned ("smart" scanner, you know"). I was considering this being an ongoing banner for the 'junct series but am considering a new banner for each comic. I've got an idea of me on the letter T like Jesus on the cross because I sometimes feel that way teaching.

This is a more refined version of the banner though it still needs work and inking. The image my look familiar because of this and this.

Thoughts people? Help me make this better. Send me ideas.


Cej: See my reply below; here's one I darkened up for you just using the contrast feature in photoshop. So no need to ink.