Scenes from a ZineFest

Thanks to everyone who came out to support independent art at the Houston ZineFest.

We met a ton of great people and creators, and we got our books into the hands of lots of people who love comics and zines--which is the real point of this endeavor.

Thanks to Eloy for the use of his tent, keeping the Houston sun off my wee brain.

Thanks to John for bringing boxes to contain the comics. My poor little rocks were no match for the gale force winds. Next time, we decorate the boxes!

Thanks to Mike for bringing out extra chairs.

Thanks to Honey Love for bringing the sandwiches.

Thanks to Jason Poland of Robbie and Bobby fame for sharing our tent space, sharing his beer, and being an all-around great guy as well as a kick-ass cartoonist. Check out his site!

Most of all, thanks to Shane and Lindsey for all their hard work and dedication. ZineFest was a great success. Can't wait to read all the great stuff I picked up and/or swapped for!

Books also available from Etsy.