Beneath the Shirt

Creating the Red Scare T-Shirt was a collaborative effort. Honey Love came up with the Red Scare name, which was approved by popular vote of the team members.

I came up with the tagline. It just seemed obvious, although no one quite seems to get the pun. I guess the Cold War really was 20 years ago.

I had several ideas for the logo, but I wanted to combine elements from the Armzrace logo and the Global Writes logo; specifically, the hand and the globe.

Given that we are called "Red Scare," the image needed to evoke the Cold War fears of red communism sweeping across the globe. The ideas included:

1) steaming chili bowl 2) hand (like AR hand) holding chili bowl (bowl is a half globe a la global writes) 3) AR hand dumping Red Scare hot sauce over globe 4) vaguely Cyrillic/Russian font

Here's a bad scan of some sketches I made:

Plus a funky logo I designed (logos are not my strong suit):

I sent all this material to Bea, and I told her to "make it look good."

She came back with this:

I suggested we move the bowl to the front, and put the tagline and sponsor info on the back. In addition, I thought the hammer and sickle were a little too much for a Chili Cook off in Texas. So I suggested we make it a spoon and chili pepper instead.

Et Viola! Bea made it so. See the finished product here.

Unfortunately, the t-shirt printer screwed a few things up--like the AR logo!--, but it still looked pretty good if you didn't examine it too closely.