Celebrate Earth Day

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Celebrate Earth Day the old fashion way: do nothing.

Global climate change is here. It’s not about preventing it anymore. We’ve pumped so much CO2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere that even if we were to stop burning all fossil fuels today (which we won’t), we’d still be looking at a half century worth of the consequences.

The question now is NOT “how do we stop climate change”; the question now is “how are we going to deal with the effects of climate change?”

Because even if you live in an area relatively safe from flooding, drought, or hurricanes, it’s highly likely that that you count on the food, resources, or taxes supplied by areas that are affected.

Natural disasters are not isolated events; they have economic and humanitarian ramifications far beyond the local region. Poor areas of the globe are likely screwed; but the capacity of even the wealthiest nations will be strained in our HOT new world.

It's time to start thinking about how we will cope.

Comic originally presented in a slightly different format April 2008.