Me and the Devil Blues: The Unreal Life of Robert Johnson – Akira Hiramoto

Admittedly, I'm not use to manga so reading from right to left throws me a little. Maybe that is why I had some issues with a few of the transitions...or maybe that had nothing to do with it. Anyway, the beginning of this tale was simply amazing. It is the story of RJ, a southern black man during prohibition who longs to be a blues guitarist, and, whether knowingly or not, may have sold his soul to the devil to be just that. If the comic stuck to that I would sing its praises as Hiramoto does an excellent job capturing the feel of the time. Unfortunately, that is only the start of the tale, which deteriorates into nonsense as RJ develops ten fingers on his right hand and gets pseudo kidnapped by Clyde of the "Bonnie and" fame. Because of that I not interested in reading the next installment.