Is there anyone on Earth who is more of the ideal woman, err, girl than Hit-Girl? Obviously no. Could this movie about a teen who decides to live out his fantasy of becoming a superhero and gets in way over his head be better? Obviously yes. The trouble with it, and maybe in the original, comic book version of the story it was different, is that you have a movie about the vigilantism and comic book escapism that could have gone one of two ways: serious or over-the-top. The movie tries to do both and, thus failing at both, throws in some silliness, a poorly done romantic element, an even worse series of voice-overs, and ends without any clear meaning (don't confuse that with "message", which a piece of art doesn't really have to have). Should we care about the outcome? Should we care, in retrospect, about the inciting incidents? Should we care about the future of the characters (we obviously love Hit-Girl, it's the others I mean)? I don't, and I really want to.