Click to enlarge. Every Wednesday a newspaper "circular" shows up in my mailbox. And every Wednesday I cringe in anger at the enormous waste that it represents.

We live in a world of quickly diminishing resources, and this one small item consumes hundreds of otherwise useful man-hours, scores of trees (and the air-cleaning power they represent), hundreds of gallons of water (to make the paper), hundreds of gallons of oil and natural gas (to extract and move the raw goods and materials), and numerous pounds of coal (to produce electricity). Meanwhile, the process pollutes the planet, producing untold amounts of toxins and carbon dioxide (which can no longer be cleaned up by the tree), and creating tons of garbage that go into a landfill.

And for what? To make a product that 95% of people won't even bother to look at. It's insane.

Every Wednesday.

Just a note: unlike what is shown in the comic, I don't throw the circular in the trash. I put it in the recycling bin. But does that really make it any better?