:01 First Second Books

There are times I feel the graphic novel publishing company First Second is the savior of the comic book medium. They produce high quality publications of comics in book form (in my mind a minor distinction from "graphic novels" which tend to be taller (as distinct from larger) imitating the traditional comic book height and often are simply collections of works originally printed in single issue form), using glossy paper and strong coloring to support, usually, very good writing--award winning, in fact--in dimensions that fit on bookstore shelves. While I obviously haven't read everything, they seem to avoid the superhero genre while spanning various age groups in terms intended audiences, although I would say young adult is their primary market. My only complaint, and reason I'm not fully convinced that they represent the future of comics, is that I often feel the stories are shorter than they should be. My purpose to bringing up the company is to alert people of :01's work, which they might enjoy, and to show comic fans of the possibilities of new ideas. The comic world often is its own worst enemy refusing to adapt to and grow with changing times and ideas. I'm constantly trying to have discussions with fans and insiders about potentials only to be shouted down with no!, we can't do that, it's not the same, etc. Fans seem more interested in sticking to their opinions and watching the medium they love disappear than being open to new possibilities. Is :01 the model for the future of comic publishing? I don't know. But, as someone who loves and creates comics, I'm willing to consider it, to examine what may or may not work, to learn from it, which, unfortunately, far too many others refuse to.