Drawing Board: Get Out of the Way

I wanted Get Out of the Way to be similar to Overpopulation and Scourge of Socialism in that it takes a simplistic talking point (Government = Bad) and unpacks the counter-argument, providing a lot of information in a small space. This one was difficult, because it’s a mishmash of a lot of big ideas. You have to get the art style right and have large concepts fit into tiny panels. The trick is to think of clear and simple icons that can still display your point. Police and firefighters are not too hard to represent as a single image, but how do you convey the idea of the legal system? More importantly, how do you do it in a way that is interesting (rather than just a bunch of government logos or obvious icons like the scales of justice)?

Get Out started out as a Word document:

Then I started on the drawings:

You can see that (in most cases) the original sketches didn’t differ that much from the final product. I intentionally drew the sketches at the correct size, thinking that I would then just trace them onto good paper. But I’m finding it more and more difficult to use my lightbox for tracing; so I wound up just re-drawing everything.

The text was originally much more explicit. For example,

[The government] Creates a communication infrastructure, launches satellites, and regulates the airwaves through the FCC, allowing you to communicate with your vendors and clients and to advertise your products.

I wanted to be very clear just how much private industry relies on public infrastructure and federal regulation. But I decided that being too wordy might make the comic less readable and overly preachy. So while I think that I lost a lot of good information by trimming back the verbiage, I also think that the simplicity makes it a little more approachable. It’s a delicate balance (and a real struggle for me).

I worried about the order of the information. I kind of wanted the sequence to build and build. But once I simplified the text, it became less noticeable. In addition, I didn't want the images and ideas that were next to one another to be too similar. In the end, the order probably didn't make any difference for all the stress it created!

I’m not real happy with the lettering in the title. I wanted to finish this one up before I completely lost steam, so I wound up just using a basic font. I should have hand lettered that part. I may go back and do that when this goes into the Book.

Extra thanks to the AR gang for helping me put this one together. Mark! recommended combining several ideas into one panel (like patents, copyrights, and the legal system); and John provided encouragement when I just couldn’t find the energy to continue.