Red Rocket 7

Red Rocket 7Red Rocket 7 is a music lover and musician who gets to participate in the entire history of Rock and Roll. From Elvis to the Beatles to Bowie, Red provides camaraderie and inspiration to the industry's greats. Red Rocket 7 is also one of seven clones of an alien who has come to earth to escape the clutches of another alien race bent on his destruction. Unfortunately, these two ideas don't really work well together. I keep trying to like Allred's books; I find his art quite charming. But his stories and characters leave me cold. It's clear that Red Rocket 7 is a labor of love for Allred. His caricatures and behind-the-scenes look at the pop stars is something we haven't seen much of in comics. Had this just been a book about the history of Rock and Roll---even a fictionalized one---I think it might have worked. Adding the alien angle, along with a really creepy religious vibe, just turned me off.