Get Out of the Way!

Get Government Out of the WayClick to enlarge.

I'm really sick of hearing that government is the problem---especially from people who rely so thoroughly on government assistance. Big Business in particular  benefits immensely from government programs, both directly and indirectly.

Public programs may benefit individuals, but they also benefit business. A school not only educates a person, it makes that person more valuable to an employer. Imagine if businesses had to provide K through college education---that would really cut into the bottom line! Roads help individual drivers, but they also make it possible for businesses to ship their resources and products. Imagine if businesses had to build their own roads. When you actually stop to think about it, you can easily come up with dozens of ways the private sector benefits from public assistance (i.e., your tax dollars). In fact, it's entirely likely that business benefits more from the government than people do.

Business simply isn't possible without a public sector-private sector relationship. If someone wants a country without government "interference" it's easy to find one: Somalia.