City of Spies - Susan Kim & Laurence Klavan

It's a cute story of Evelyn, a young girl in 1942 NYC who is dumped onto her flaky, artist-wanna-be, aunt for the summer as her fathers goes on yet another honeymoon. Evelyn makes friends with the mischievous Tony and the two of them get into hot water when they stumble upon a Nazi spy ring. Maybe you can see the problem with the work in the plot summary; there is just too much going on in this short, 170 or so page, work. Nazi spy ring, German-American civilian relationships, Evelyn dealing with her neglecting father and lack of both a mother and friends, her escapism into comics and what it means to be Jewish, her Aunt's failed lifestyle and career as an artist, a cop dealing with his disability and his brothers success, several romantic relationships, class differences, and the list of themes goes on so that little more can be done than to bring them up and forget them.