RevolverRevolver follows Sam, a thirty-something photo-editor for a Seattle newspaper whose career (and life) is going nowhere fast. Suddenly, disaster strikes; America is under attack from a strange guru-cum-terrorist, and Sam must learn to cope with his new reality. Or does he? Every time Sam falls asleep, he awakens in the alternate world---the one where things are their normal drudgery or the one where the world has gone to hell. And as Sam bounces back and forth between worlds, he slowly begins taking charge of his life.

I've become a real fan of creator Matt Kindt. His stories are both surreal and poignant. And while his loose art style doesn't always seem appropriate to the material, its fluidity generally makes up for the disconnect.

Revolver is good, but it's easily my least favorite of Kindt's work so far. I think it misses in several respects. The title refers to the name of an underground newspaper that Sam and his cohorts form, but it doesn't seem significant enough to be the title. I guess you could interpret the title as Sam "revolving" through alternate worlds or undergoing a personal revolution, but these seem a stretch to me. Kindt also creates a unique page numbering design in which each page number is presented as part of a "news crawl" at the bottom of the page. This is clever, and it adds to the story's sense of confusion, but I think it was ultimately distracting. Most important, the lynchpin to Sam's transformation is shown in flashback and only loosely explained, which makes it difficult to believe.

Overall, Revolver gets a thumbs-up. But be sure to check out Super Spy and 3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man to see what Kindt can really do.