Scalped vol 1-6: Indian Country, Casino Boogie, Dead Mothers, The Gravel in Your Guts, High Lonesome, The Gnawing – Jason Aaron

Dashiell Bad Horse has returned to the reservation he always hated to be police officer who actually works (unwillingly) for the FBI. He's trying to bring down Lincoln Red Crow, a criminal who controls the police and a former activist who is trying to restart the local economy by making a casino. To complicate the situation, Dash is in a relationship with Red Crow's daughter, which is fair as Red Crow was once in a relationship with Bad Horse's mom. The two of them were Native American activist back in the day, along with a nut job called Catcher, and involved (to an unknown degree) in the murder of two FBI agents, which explains why Dash was recruited, although it is a little shakier on why FBI Agent Nitz has added the sociopath Diesel as another undercover operative. The work is interesting if over the top (does everyone have to be super violent, have tattoos, drug problems, and a shady past?) a fact aggravated by the dark coloring of the artwork which makes everything seem like it is happening at night. The comics really takes off during volumes four and five (when I originally just read the first volume I didn't care much) as they give the backstories to several characters giving them depth and triggering interest in their complexity that does not exist for the main character Dash, who I really don't care about. Thanks to Kym for the lone and hurry up getting volume seven.