Now Leaving X-Mas, Next Stop: Kwanzaa and Boxing Day!

Wasn't Jesus born in March? Wasn't this once a pagan holiday? Wasn't Christmas once banned in America? Wasn't it once possible to say "Happy Holidays" without Fox saying that I'm at "war" with Christmas (meaning that I should never want people to have a happy New Year)? Anyway, my X-Mas started with a homeless man getting pissed at me for giving him a pair of gloves instead of cash. He had no gloves! I thought he might like them. Sorry. From there I visited my parents on Long Island, which meant I didn't have BBC on their cable and missed the new Doctor Who (is it just me or was the last Doctor constantly being portrayed as Jesus?). However, I did wake up today to see Santa Claus riding a horse-drawn carriage down the street, and that was pretty wild. See, Virginia, I told you so.