Madman volume 1 - Michael Allred

I had always wanted to read this. I'm not sure why. I hated the few issue of the X-men run Allred did, I'm not a huge fan of his art, and read nothing else he did. But I jumped at this book when I saw it on the library shelf and I was...disappointed. It wasn't that it was bad, it just wasn't good. Madman is an amnesiac who fights crime and attempts to find out who, and what, he is. Nothing here is particularly original. Madman has to save his friend, a scientist, and his work from the clutches of an evil criminal boss. There is also a love interest who sees past his ugly appearance (he is actually a kind of Frankenstein's monster) and is all over him (she, of course, is beautiful and there is no indication that he likes her for any other reason). There are also stories of Frank (that's actually his name) time traveling and dealing with aliens (some of my least favorite plot devices). I liked that he used a yo-yo to fight crime and it is a cool costume, I just can't get into it. Based on the tons of artists who did pictures of Madman in the gallery I have to assume that, at least in the artistic community, the comic was a hit, I just don't see enough interesting, creative, or original ideas to make me care.